Until Tankfight is finished you can try out a little tactical mini tank game here.

A bit like sinking ships, but with a constantly changing game situation.

The playing field is divided into two halves. Each half consists of eleven honeycombs on which the tanks can be moved.
If a shot does not hit the opponent's tank, the field can no longer be used, so that the movement possibilities are reduced in the course of a duel.

Try to locate the enemy tank by its muzzle flash and destroy it by targeted hits.

A round consists of driving (click into a reachable field), shooting (click into the enemy field), driving and sending.
You don't have to make the 3 moves: Drive-Shoot-Drive every turn. Leave out steps to confuse your opponent and finish your turn with Send.

A duel consists of a maximum of five games, i.e. the first player to destroy the enemy tank three times wins the duel.

Tankfight-Flash is aimed at casual players who want uncomplicated, entertaining fun.
That's why you have a good chance of winning even as a beginner!
So let's go into battle!


1. click into your own playing field. Panzer drives onto this field.
2. wait for the opponent's move. At the beginning the player who starts is chosen randomly, later the loser.
3. now you have the possibility to move a square far from your position or to shoot immediately by clicking on an opposing square, or you don't make a move and send.
4. after shooting, you can move one square or send.
5. wait for your opponent's move.
6. the muzzle flash indicates the position of the opponent at the shot.
7. who has hit 3 times is the winner!
A click on the honeycomb symbol in the bottom left corner shows or hides all fields.


Three different tank classes are planned for additional tension.
While the heavy tank has limited mobility, the light tank can cover longer distances within a lap and is therefore more difficult to locate. The heavy tank has a higher penetrating power, so one hit is enough to destroy the enemy tank.

There was also already a version in which humans could play against humans online and it turned out that adjusting to the opponent took on a completely different dimension.

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